‘Tis the Season to be Thankful

The holidays are right around the corner, and lately I’ve taken extra time each day to reflect upon the little things in life that I am thankful for. When I say the ‘little’ things, I truly mean the things that we take for granted every day. The things that we inherently have, but don’t necessarily recognize…or for that matter, appreciate.

I am thankful for…

My two hands–because not everyone is so lucky. How much more difficult would life be without these? I do everything with them, and know no other way.

My bills–because although I don’t love having to pay a large sum of money every month on things we deem as necessities, I only have bills because I have the means to pay them.

A job–it’s no fun to job search..we all know that. It feels comfortable to have a job that I know how to do, benefits, paid time off, and co-workers that I look forward to seeing every day. I am fortunate.

My car–the traffic that I experience every day from my commute is by no means my fave. But, what if I had to walk to work in snow every day? What if I had to bike in the rain? What if I had to catch a 30 minute train ride? When you really think about it, I’m lucky to have traffic! At least I’m sitting in my warm car, with seat heaters on & Michael Buble playing. Who the heck am I to complain?

The people who I love, and who love me–My best friends, my boyfriend, co-workers, and my family. There is nothing more important than a sturdy and reliable support group. Without these people, I’m not sure where I would be in life.

A bed to sleep in–This one in particular has been frequenting my mind relatively often. A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I were in downtown L.A. on a date night to see the film, La La Land. As we walked from the theater to our car, I couldn’t help but notice a middle-aged woman curled up in a comforter and sleeping on the side of the street. She was sound asleep, and looked as peaceful as she possibly could (given the circumstances). A part of me died a little inside when I saw that. Not because I had never seen it before, but because in that moment, I was a little less ignorant. I cried there on the streets of L.A., because it is sad to imagine that this lady had gotten comfortable with this lifestyle. That she has no one to turn to, no home for safety, no phone for contacting loved ones, and no bed to sleep in at night. This is her reality…one that I’ve never had the misfortune to experience. One that I hope I never have to. Since that day, I feel lucky and thankful every night that I get the opportunity to sleep in a bed, in my home. For what I have today, is not necessarily what I will have tomorrow.

Make each day count, and be grateful for all things that you are given in life. Being appreciative of the little things makes each new day a joy to be alive. I am thankful to be alive and well today.

Happy Holidays. May your new year be filled with all good things.

xx allie





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