New Year, Better Me.


Happy 2017.

It’s a new year, and I can already tell it’s going to be great.

However, the phrase, “New Year, New Me” has never quite sat well with me. The person that I will be this upcoming year, is namely a result of the experiences that I’ve had from the year prior, and every year before that. I am the result of the lessons that I’ve learned, the mistakes that I’ve made, and the growth that I’ve achieved. If it weren’t for all of the years leading up to this one, I would never be the person that I am today. Therefore, it’s not a “new” me that I am striving for, but rather a “better” me….an improved me that is wiser, and more intelligent, forgiving, and selfless than I’ve ever been in the past. For this reason and others, I believe that the goal should instead be “New Year, Better Me”. Improvement is key. I do not want to be a different person than before, just a better one.

While we are all in the midst of creating our new year’s resolutions…remember one thing–make a change that will last. Resolve to improve in a way that is sustainable for you. My resolution is to “challenge yourself in 2017“: whether it’s getting my butt in the gym more than I feel like, choosing the salad instead of the fries when I’m craving some carbs, attending a social event when I’d rather stay home and Netflix, or going out of my way to help someone in need. Nothing is out of bounds, even if it’s a challenge that is more difficult, like slowly weeding toxic people out of my life. I am going to push myself to do what is less comfortable, just because I  know it is the right thing, or the better thing for me.

This year is full of promise. This year is full of opportunity. This year is full of surprises. It can be the best year of your life, and it will be. Open your arms up wide for the things to come–both good and bad, as they will ultimately shape you into the better future version of yourself that you strive for.  Hone positivity, and spread compassion. What goes around, comes around.

May 2017 be all that you hope for, and all that you deserve. Happy New Year.


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