Cheers to Enduring Friendships

A true friend is hard to find. I am lucky to say that my search was easy.

In kindergarten, I would often notice a little girl that would sit by herself to eat lunch. Since I didn’t know her name, she was “the girl with the mickey mouse lunchbox”. One day I decided to sit with her at lunch…and the rest was history. Noosha & I became attached at the hip.

Like most little kids (or maybe not), Noosh and I created our own language. We’d come up with silly-sounding terms to mean “meet me by the flagpole after school” or “cartwheel”. I remember feeling so SO happy when our parents would agree that we could have a playdate after school. Occasionally, our moms would even pull us out of school at lunch to take us to Baja Fresh. We felt so special on those days. I remember going to the community pool together on weekends and getting hard-earned pizza after hours of swimming. Those were the best, most memorable days. We made a secret fort in Noosha’s closet, where we’d bring our stuffed animals and even have a secret meet-up song. Our meeting notes are still hanging up in Noosha’s closet to this day.

We would do facials…and she would always give me toilet paper to dry off my face. I never really minded. We’d play learning games on the computer together, sometimes for hours at a time. We’d play “cats” in her room, or would brave the aliens together in her garage by climbing high onto the punching bag for safety.


In elementary school, Noosh and I never missed a talent show together. We looked forward to choreographing our dance routine every year. I remember practicing for hours a few times a week after school. Growing up, we did dance school together, softball, ice-skating, choir, student government, and tennis together. She always challenged me to keep up. She always challenged me to be creative. Sometimes, she would even plan arts & crafts days at her house…inspired by the show, “Out of the Box”. I remember making little parachute men out of tissues and string.

Everything we had was the same. Our email addresses, clothing, bed spreads and more. Our style was even the same. We loved nothing more than shopping at Limited Too together and getting new clothes. She was never given a middle name, so I gave her one. Noosha Rose. It stuck and I still think of her as Noosha Rose to this day.


I remember the anticipation we’d feel when Valentine’s day came around, as we’d coordinate how we could show our crushes we liked them around this time of year. It didn’t end without sheer and utter embarrassment…but we definitely weren’t afraid to encourage each other to wear our hearts on our sleeves from an early age in life. We would spend hours talking about boys and our anxiety over our eventual first kisses.

In middle school, we always chose our lockers to be next to one another. We prayed that we’d end up in the same classes, so that we could make songs up as a method of studying. I still remember our song for the scientific method. As co-presidents of our middle school, I remember getting the opportunity to use the school-wide intercom system to advertise our school dances and socials together. We were the dynamic duo.

In high school, life got tougher. I remember being there for each other through breakups, heart break, tough classes, and disappointments. We had a handful of classes together, and were able to be doubles partners a number of times on our tennis team. We traveled for sports together, and always gleamed in excitement over the team snack on game days. We’d make posters together in student government, and sign up to work in the student store on the same days at lunch. We celebrated getting into college, and both went on to our own universities—separating for the first time.

Through college, we remained best friends…keeping the communication between us alive. And today, we both live back in the same city together—doing Zumba together on Mondays and coordinating “tea time” to chat when we can. Noosh is the most loyal and dependable friend. She is selfless, caring, and genuine…always wanting the best for others. She is ambitious and hard-working. She is honest and a good listener. The absolute best role model I know.  She is beautiful, inside and out. She is the kind of person that everyone wishes they were like. I feel so lucky to have a lasting and meaningful friendship with Noosh. I hope that everyone, at some point in their lives, can meet a person like her.


Cheers to the friendships that make life sweeter. Cheers to the people that add on to our world. Cheers to souls that are true and remarkable.

xx allie



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