Affordable Spring Date Ideas

berry picking

If you’ve ever been in a relationship, then you probably know how costly it can be. Being in love is definitely not cheap. But that’s okay!—because you can’t put a price on love. However, just because you’d like to spend romantic, quality time together doesn’t mean you need to break the bank in doing so.

Spring has sprung, and it’s a great time of year to take advantage of fun, affordable activities. “How?” you ask? Well, let us count the ways…

  1. Berry Picking: The absolute perfect springtime activity. Wear a tank top, soak up the sun, and go pluck some strawberries and blueberries off of their vines! There is something strangely satisfying about filling up your basket with fresh, hand-picked berries. If you live in my town, then check out Underwood Family Farms. The only charge is for the berries that you take home at the end of the day! If you live elsewhere, then do your research to find farms in your area that offer this activity to the community. What to do with the berries? Do a little baking w/ bae! Fresh strawberry pies are a great way to celebrate your hard work, and indulge in a sweet spring dessert (if you don’t mess up baking a pie from scratch—like I did…oops!).
  2. Picnic Somewhere Beautiful: Okay, here’s a good one. Who doesn’t love a fun picnic? Find a pretty place (a park, a hiking spot, the beach, etc.) and bring along a blanket. Pack the picnic essentials: sparkling flavored water or flavored iced tea, sandwiches, fruit, cheese, crackers, trail mix, and of course a dessert! Trust me, your date will be blown away by your thoughtful planning and preparation. Super romantic date.
  3. Hiking: Leave your phones behind and get out in nature! Take in the sunshine, lather with sunscreen, and get your fitness on w/ your boyfriend or girlfriend. This is a great way to spend quality time together, with no distractions. Plus, it’s totally free!
  4. Discount Movie Days/Nights: No matter where you live, if you have a movie theater near you, chances are they offer value days. Even when I lived in Ireland, we had a movie theater that promoted weekly “cheap” days. If you love the movie experience, but are tired of paying $12-$14 per ticket…I don’t blame you. Plan to go on the days that are $6! Literally for half-price, you get the exact same experience. Now you don’t even have to feel bad for buying snacks! I mean really…why would you go any other day???
  5. Community Movies in the Park: Lots of communities plan movie nights, where you can bring a blanket and your loved one, and enjoy a nice movie in the park. These are either super cheap, or free! Enjoy an evening outdoors, and a glass of wine as you watch a flick. It’s something different to do, and totally seasonal. Enjoy it while you can!
  6. Carnivals: It’s that time of year. From Spring to Summer, you’re likely to find some carnivals. Go buy some tickets, play some games, ride the ferris wheel, and purchase a dang funnel cake! These nights are exciting, romantic, and reasonably affordable! Stroll around and people-watch, or go pet some piggies and sheep. It’s sure to be a great night.
  7. S’mores and Wine by the Fire: If you’re able to find a fire pit (or be creative), then you are lucky enough to indulge in some hand-made s’mores. Roast some marshmellows over the fire, tell stories or listen to music, gaze up at the stars, and watch the ooey gooey mess commence! Uncork a bottle of wine..and voila! An intimate, and quiet night together. One thing’s for sure…sparks will be flying.
  8. Volunteer: It’s a totally free, and memorable experience. Find ways in your community to help. Doing good things with someone you care about is extremely fulfilling!

 Enjoying time with one another is simple. Get a little creative and remember what is important: that you and your partner enjoy each other’s company, no matter what you’re doing! Sometimes, it’s the thoughtful and inventive activities that mean the most.

xx allie




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