Adulting 101: Tips n’ Tricks to Being a Kick-Ass Adult

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    Get Enough Sleep: So you used to go to bed at 2am? Those days are over! Now more than ever your body needs the proper amount of sleep, so that you can function at the optimum level each day. If you wake up early to get to work on time, then consider making a bedtime for yourself around 10:30 or 11 pm. The next day your head will be clear, and your focus will be sharp.

  2. Read: You’re not in school anymore, and no one’s forcing you. However, finding a good book and reading it over the course of time is more rewarding than you might realize. Finishing a few books a month helps to improve your vocabulary, and gives you a feeling of accomplishment. Reading is good for a happy soul.
  3. COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE: You never used to need coffee, but now it is essential. Waking up at 6:30am might never be easy, but it’s definitely easier with the help of some java. Enough said.
  4. Self-Care Routines: There are a number of things that you should get in the habit of doing as you get older.
  • For one, it’s important to take supplements. Some people take a multivitamin, while others take select vitamins for specific purposes. I’ve recently begun to take biotin gummies, which are meant to improve the health of hair, skin, and nails. Other people take fish oil pills, Vitamin C, etc.
  • Get in the habit of flossing! If you don’t already…it’s not too late! Flossing REALLY helps to prevent cavities and decay, and also preserve the health of your gums. It feels good to give your mouth an in-depth cleaning every night before bed.
  • Skin Care: My absolute FAVE. I have so many masks, lotions, exfoliates, hydrators, creams, etc. I look forward to giving my skin the attention it deserves every morning and night. There is NOTHING better than taking off your makeup at the end of the day, and allowing your pores to breathe once again. Seriously…if you don’t take off your makeup before bed, then you have NO RIGHT to complain about breakouts. I can’t stress enough just how important your skin routine is. Prevent aging, blemishes, redness, and more with a relaxing and refreshing wash.
  1. Purchase a Planner (and then actually use it!): I would be a mess without my daily planner. I keep track of appointments, friend get-togethers, workout days, etc. with my nifty little book. Some people choose to schedule events in their phone, but I just love handwriting my schedule. Do whatever works for you…but make sure to stay organized and on track!
  2. Fitness: Let’s face it—you are busy as can be. But it’s SUPER important to make time for a workout a few days per week. It’s too easy to cut out your gym time as soon as life gets hectic. However, the gym can be a great stress reliever. It helps you to clear your mind, and break a sweat! Staying active is important, even if it simply means going for a 20-30 minute walk. Go hiking, play tennis, swim…but whatever you do, try to have fun!
  3. Maintain Important Relationships: Now that you likely don’t run into people you care about on an everyday basis, it is important to maintain regular contact with your close friends and family members. Plan a time for a phone call with out-of-reach friends, or schedule a lunch date with someone close by. Whatever you do, try not to lose touch with the ones that matter. It takes effort!
  4. Start a Savings: If you receive a paycheck regularly, allocate a portion of it to your savings each pay period. Building wealth at an early age will help you to achieve your financial goals in a timely manner.

These 8 life hacks have been vital for me in succeeding as a busy adult. While they work for me, they might not necessarily work for you. Figure out what it is that will spur your day-to-day success and happiness. Then go for it.

xx allie  



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