Sunday Brunch…Why You Should.


Ahhh Sunday. The first day of a new week. What better way to start off a week than to BRUNCH?

Here’s Why:

 Sleeping In

It’s Sunday…and if you’re like most, then you don’t have work today. It’s a relaxed day, where you have little to no responsibility. Take this opportunity to sleep in and catch up on the much needed zzzz’s that you’ve been missing throughout the week. The best part about Sunday brunch is that you don’t have to even set your alarm! Sleep in until noon if you wish, brunch usually lasts until at least 2pm anyways!

Different Menu

If you’ve ever brunched before, then you’ve probably noticed that brunch menus are usually separate from the typical breakfast menu. Specials, specials, specials galore! If you’re feeling something sweet, then go for the sugary plates: waffles, pancakes, French toast, etc. If you’d prefer to just skip the breakfast grub, then go straight for the burger! Basically, there’s something for everyone. Not to mention mimosas. Don’t mind if you do.

Value Meal

Alright let’s get real. We all know that brunch plates cost slightly more than the average breakfast plate. But have you ever stopped to consider why? At second glance, brunches are actually Value Meals disguised as trendy, high-end plates. You have now saved yourself from having to go out and buy your breakfast AND your lunch. Brunch covers you for two meals. Who doesn’t love a shortcut?


Most breakfast places are truly adorable. Many of them offer outdoor seating on cutely decorated patios. It’s extremely relaxing to sip on your coffee or latte outside underneath the sun and beside blooming flowers. This experience gives rise to the lyrics, “easy like a Sunday morning”.

In the Name of Brunch

Brunch is becoming such a ‘thing’ that you can’t go to any department store without finding “brunch” themed apparel. You might think, ‘I’ll barely ever wear a brunch shirt, since I only have the opportunity to wear it once per week’. On the contrary my dear, a better way to think of it is, ‘I’ll wear it at least once a week! Totally worth it.’ Purchase baseball caps, tank tops, backpacks, etc. Brunch seems like reason enough to dress up to me!

Catch Up

I said “catch up” not “ketchup”! Use brunch as the perfect opportunity to catch up with a friend or family member. Have a birthday to celebrate? Mother’s day? Take them to Brunch! Ain’t nobody gonna be disappointed about that.

Brunch is my motivation to get through the work week. Always remember…work hard, brunch harder. 

xx allie


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