A Cute Little Story..

Today I have a funny little story to share. If you’ve shopped at the Target located off of Las Posas in Camarillo, CA within the last few weeks, then you might have noticed something particularly fascinating while walking through the parking lot on your way in or out: a family of birds have decided to build their nest in a rather problematic location. While anyone can appreciate the rare sighting of a bird nest and the adorable baby birds that comprise it, this nest is different.

This nest was built in a small parking lot divider right in front of the store. For this reason, almost every individual that entered or exited through one of the two doors at Target would walk near its path. For these birds, a 15 foot radius around the nest was MUCH too close. The mother [or father…I’m not the best at distinguishing bird genders] would sit atop the handicap sign and guard the invisible perimeter around their nest. If ANYONE got anywhere near them, it would fly off its ‘throne’ and attack the person relentlessly. It didn’t matter that the nest was hidden underneath bushes outside of the view of any passersby. It didn’t matter that Target had noticed the bird nest problem and had surrounded the circumference of the “danger zone” with caution tape. This bird didn’t discriminate. Anyone was fair game. Anyone could be their target.



My boyfriend, Ben, and I found this amusing. We caught on to the bird situation rather quick, and sat down on a nearby bench to watch other, oblivious people get harmlessly “attacked”. We had never seen such an aggressive bird.

A few days later, Ben called me to report a new finding at Target. Target had hung up a sign (in addition to their caution tape) to ward people away from getting anywhere near the nesting area. They mentioned on the sign that a protected species would be in danger if people got too close. Now this took me by surprise and really impressed me. The bird had conveyed his/her message loud and clear. There had been a successful inter-species dialogue between the bird and the Target staff. Target had created a sign on the bird’s behalf, to send the same message in writing to people who missed the previous attempts of caution tape and attacks. This made me feel warm & fuzzy inside, as it took an act of teamwork between the bird and Target to keep the nest safe from harm. Not only that, but it also takes the continued cooperation and understanding of the Target customers to respect the sign by giving the nest the space it needs.


The environmental community works together. Animals communicate without the use of a common language. I thought I would share this story, as it really depicts the beauty of nature and the harmony that exists amongst species. Respect knows no bounds when it comes to Mother Nature.

xx allie


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