Black & White

I like to believe that things are black & white. Logic rules all, and there is a reason for everything. Every feeling, every thought, every emotion. I want to ask, “why” and eventually come to find the answer. But herein lies the problem.

Black & white is a myth. Not all things are black & white. Things are hazy. Things are grey. Things are unexplainable. Some things aren’t meant for understanding. Some things are meant to be pondered, but never anything more. Some things are meant to change us. To help us grow. To motivate us. But still not to be answered.

Some things dangle in front of us, only to taunt. To remind us of our inability to know everything…or even anything. They remind us that we are only human. Even our understanding is flawed, because it is just that–our understanding. Only that.

Love is not black & white. Love is radiant, but it is dull. It is beaming but it is hideous. It is luminescent but also drab. Love is a bird without feathers. You learn to love it, despite its flaws. It flies at times, but often not well. It is cold and vulnerable, but reaches new heights. It will exceed your expectations…but it will also always be the bird without feathers.

If you can learn to love the bird without feathers, you may find you can’t do without it. If you can accept its featherless anatomy, you might find you prefer it that way. Tattered and worn, but beautiful nonetheless. And in fact, all the more beautiful because of it. It is raw and it is real. It is a symbol of the imperfection that is life…and love. It is the bird that knows not of its own ugliness, but flies in stride and confidence because it is able to fly at all. It is not aware of its limitations. It flies without worry of how high it can get. It scoffs at risk, and proves it powerless. It is strong and admirable, but not to the bird with feathers.

The bird with feathers barely notices the bird without. He is more beautiful and soft. He is more lovely to behold. But one thing’s for sure, he never flies higher. While easy on the eyes, he is not as special. He lacks the pizzaz that the bird without feathers just exudes. He is boring, and simple. He is prototypical and lackluster.

He is black & white.



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