Coko Loco

Spoon in brown powder

Alright guys—I’ve got a good one for you today…

If you know me at all, then you know I’m a raging chocoholic. I freaking LOVE chocolate more than life itself. As a child, I loved Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory…because edible teacups and chocolate rivers..hello?! My favorite book was Hansel & Gretel because of the delicious edible house the wicked old lady lived in (who cares about the children being eaten?). Basically, I’m a sugar fiend. I would bathe in chocolate if I could.

But as much as I love chocolate….would I snort it?!


I was listening to the radio this morning, and couldn’t help but be appalled when I heard about the latest fad. A new product called coko loco has just hit supermarkets in America. What is this product? A cocoa powder made to be snorted! Apparently, snorting cocoa is the new way to get a caffeine high/energy boost in place of drinking coffee. What in the world? Don’t believe me?? Check out this article.

So apparently this all began in Europe and slowly made its way to the states. While I am a huge endorser of anything chocolate, I do not agree with this product. It is not yet FDA approved, as not enough studies have been conducted to tell whether it will cause long-term health repercussions. Definitely a cause for concern.

Apart from the health implications, however, are the societal ones. If snorting chocolate begins to be the norm, then what next? Are we going to start to see snortable candy? Are we going to have to get used to our coworkers snorting chocolate in the morning at their desks, and children snorting candy at lunch in elementary schools? How will we know if these powders are not laced with drugs like cocaine? This is the beginning of a very dangerous future and I already don’t like it.

Snorting is not a normal way to ingest things. Up until now, we’ve really only known drugs to be snorted. It is terrifying to imagine that the act of snorting may very well become mainstream and common among everyday products. Ughhhhh…say it ain’t so. Call me old fashion, but I am beginning to fear the future and the world that I will have to raise children in. Artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, and snortable chocolate? SEND HELP.

xx allie


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